Elect Judith L. Meyer for Superior Court Judge, Office #28

Elect Judith L. Meyer for Superior Court Judge, Office #28

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A Message From Judith L. Meyer

Experience has taught me that knowledge, preparation and dedication are the foundation for excellence, which is exactly what I will The Los Angeles Times Endorses Judith L. Meyer For Superior Court Judge, Office 28bring to the courtroom as a Superior Court Judge.

Knowledge and preparation are imperative to reach a just and fair ruling. As a Criminal Prosecutor working in the courtroom on a daily basis for over a decade, I have learned first-hand that you must know the issues before you. When unfamiliar with the law, research is of paramount importance to make an informed and impartial decision. A willingness to work hard is fundamental.

For me, an intimate understanding of a case also demonstrates respect for both the process and the participants in the courtroom. Following this approach as a prosecutor has gained me the respect of colleagues, opposing counsel, Deputy Public Defenders, court staff, and judges. Not only do I embrace this principle in my own practice of the law, I also instruct it to my students at the Pacific Coast University School of Law.

The 2006 L. A. County Bar Association's Judicial Elections Evaluation Committee rates Judith L. Meyer as Exceptionally Well Qualified for the position of Superior Court JudgeI have a reputation for exceeding expectations. Nearly 20 years ago, as a whitewater river rafting guide on the American River, my colleagues were convinced I could not be strong enough to do a good job. I proved that I was. I learned that river so well that I knew it better than anyone else. As a result, I rescued several of my fellow guides off the rocks that summer, saving them and their passengers from a cold and dangerous swim into the rapids. I earned their esteem through my hard work, dedication, and competence. Later, as an Emergency Medical Technician on an ambulance, and as a Professional Ski Patrolman, I applied these same principles, demonstrating the same determination and skill. I served the public in these capacities as a first-responder for many years.

Clear-headedness saves lives when responding to emergencies. It is vital in a courtroom when dealing with the highly charged emotions of a trial. Knowing the law must be balanced with a calm disposition and objectivity to see the facts clearly. This is critical for a judge to rule logically, appropriately and impartially.

With my proficiency, temperament, integrity, and dedication, I have the foundation for excellence, the essential qualities to be both a competent and reputable Superior Court Judge. When I preside over a case, I will provide fair and equal administration of the law, without corruption, greed, prejudice, or favor. This is my obligation to you and to our system of justice.

Thank you, and I appreciate your support.

Judith L. Meyer


Elect Judith L. Meyer for Judge, Office #28

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